React frontend developer

Wallrus Creative Technologies is on a roll and we are looking for a bold front-end dev. to join our XP/ R&D development team.

The ideal candidate should have a strong mobile web focus, be self-starter, enjoy creative challenges (we often work with experimental technologies) and work on a wide variety of projects that may involve the integration of different IOT technologies.

As our new recruit, you will join our XP/R&D team in the development of interactive installations that push the known limits of AR and MR (mixed reality).

This may include front-end development of desktop and mobile web applications, streaming apps, as well as the integration of interaction technologies (facial recognition, motion recognition, sensor data capture, and more).

In parallel, you will also be involved in our flagship R&D project around 5G and mixed reality. We can't tell you much about it... but what we can tell you is that you'll find it very trippy...

Skill set

We are looking for an intermediate/senior candidate with a proven expertise in web mobile development (PWA’s) that understands the intricacies and limitations of mobile browsers.

  • You are: a React and JavaScript NINJA
  • You are comfortable with: capturing data from cell phones like gyroscope and accelerometer.
  • You have experience with: WebGL, or three.js, (or any other Javascript library for rendering 2D/3D interactive content)
  • You have knowledge of: WebRTC and Sockets,
  • You have a solid grasp of: HTML5, JS and CSS, JSON.
  • You are comfortable with: basic Git commands.
  • You have: a diligent methodology for committing and documenting code
  • "nice to have": You have a basic understanding of the R&D project process and documentation.
  • "nice to have": You have an interest in electronics and microcontrollers.


  • 2+ years of experience developing PWA’s (excluding your time in school)
  • 4+ years of experience as a frontend developer (excluding your time in school)
  • Advanced proficiency in French
  • Intermediate proficiency in English
  • Experience in agency context is an asset


  • Assisting in the evaluation of production specifications
  • Coding
  • Exploring new technologies
  • Sharing knowledge with colleagues
  • Provide technical documentation
  • Ensuring and applying quality assurance and debugging processes

Related Interests

  • Video games
  • 3D javascript engine
  • Augmented reality/ mixed reality
  • IOT programming (arduino’s and raspberry)

Job details

  • Duration: permanent
  • Position: full time (37.5h / week)
  • Beginning: september 2022
  • salary: TBA

What we do

Wallrus is a tech creativity agency whose vision is to create brand activations at the intersection of art, technology and impact marketing. The agency's line of services is deployed in parallel with our proprietary technology Since 2016, we have been designing memorable digital solutions and interactive installations that connect with audiences at physical and virtual events. Our collaborators include corporate and cultural clients such as Bell, L'Oreal, Evenko Group, E3, Telus, National Geographic and The Montreal Canadiens.

What you should know about us:

Our ability to push our limits and reach our full potential rests on 4 fundamental pillars and we look for these components in every member who joins our team:

  • Communication: quality, transparency and speed of feedback/feedforward between each team member, regardless of position or rank.
  • Trust and reciprocity: we welcome failures, and when the boat takes on water, everyone pitches in.
  • Autonomy: each team member must be able to pull his or her weight and contribute to group intelligence.
  • Commitment: because a brave heart is the #1 ingredient to achieve exceptional projects.

Our core team is flanked by a solid network of partners specializing in various fields of expertise related to our own. This allows us to develop our core team with care and intention. At Wallrus, we don't have a hiring spree and hire/fire according to the ebb and flow of high and low seasons. We hire for the long term, and we hire to develop talent.

Other benefits

  • Super generous leave plan from the start: 24 days leave plan ( 10 days of personal leave, 7 days of vacation paid between end-of-year holidays, 7 floating days/sick days)
  • Very advantageous group insurance plan after 3 months of service (life, dental, medical treatment, short & long term disability)
  • Great personal / professional life integration: eNo-overtime mindset. hybrid Remote/physical work possibilities. flexible working hours.

Interested in the position?

Send your resume and portfolio at:

Looking forward to meeting you :)
The Wallrus Team