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WCTS is a creative technology agency whose vision is to create brand activations at the crossroads of art, technology and impact marketing. Our experiences can be deployed in contexts of brand activations, museum installations, or Out-of-Home digital signage campaigns and employer brand initiatives.

Technology specialists for highly innovative installations

Solid network of industry leading partners

Boutique agency with high agility

what we do

According to us, marketing is dying. At least, the superficial nature of traditional marketing. One that is without substance, and without human connection. At WCTS, we imagine interactive experiences that induce conversations, gather audiences and provoke thoughts. We believe that, beyond traditional marketing, brands have a tremendous potential to tell stories, touch and engage their audience, and this is actually their most powerful marketing tool.

corporate culture

We believe that creativity is not only hired, it is also carefully engineered and nurtured. We hand pick every team member with the objective to build an environnement where it is safe to fail, experiment, and contribute to our collective mission.

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